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how to convert vdi to vmdk in Sun VirtualBox Vbox

1. You have to install qemu.

2. cd c:\Program files\qemu
qemu-img.exe convert -O vmdk hdd.vdi hdd.vmdk

I have also written another post which is based on the latest Oracle VirtualBox to .vmdk explaining how to easily convert vdi to vmdk.

Read also this article, it is easier: easily convert vdi to vmdk

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  1. Sebastiaan says

    thank u.

  2. Wax says

    Just after ploughing through a ton of verbose tekkie websites to get this exact information.
    Here you have the answer in 4 lines of text and already I’m 100% sure it will work.

    Unfortunately brevity and quality do not mix for Google. It took me ages to get this info.


    Thanks again.

  3. Dinesh says

    Unfortunately, this method creates blank VMDK only. I managed to convert VDI to VMDK and it is working fine in VMware Player. Check my post here

  4. Leo says

    Thanks for the info. Very good article you did!
    The one I have posted here works in linux. That is for sure! 🙂


  5. M says

    That’s helps!

  6. Thany says

    Seems to be working for me. Using win7 x64 and QEMU 0.12.5. But the process sure is taking a looooooong time. It’s way slower than the harddisk can handle, I’m sure of it.

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